Why is my samsung powerbank is cable charging not fast charging?

  1. I have offical samsung fast charger powebank, got it with my s10+ . It worked fine till yesterday. What happend that the powebnak was charged dead so my friend charged it with some low quality charger . It got 20% in 6 hours, and when i used it to charge me s10+ it showed cable charging . I don't know what happend some how i drained the 20% from the powerbank then charged it with offical samsung charger. Again when i tried to charge me mobile it showed cbale charging. When i checked it charge current it showed somewhere between ( -670ma to 471ma) which should be +1200ma. I don't know what to do. If the powerbank cahrge current is really dead or is it temporarily problem? !&&* me out.. i have also tagged the photos of powerbank's charge current befor the incident and after the incident
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