My hp 8470p got drenched in water

Hello there..

please I need a very urgent solution this problem. My laptop was drenched like a week ago while connected to charger.. I got home and discover that so I did the needful by removing the battery and the back cover it, it was during the weekends so I had to wait till next working day to get it to a technician for drying and and cleaning.. after that was done.. we discover the battery was bad so I got a replacement battery but the charger won’t even charge (it only blinks the amber light without showing any other sign of charging)..

my problem now is non of the technician around me knows anything about how to fix it..

please if you have any idea or if this has happened to you before help me with the solution..


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Hi @jaey

I would suggest you to do a backup of your important data if possible.

Well if it is still under warranty, try sending in.

Else, for liquid damaged / affected products, you need to get a specialist whom have laptop schematics and knowledge to repair it, e.g. changing some affected components, which maybe like from due to IC chips, smd resistors, capacitors, etc.

and it also need to go to ultrasonic bath om the mainboard to clear off those waters and impurities.

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