My beats solo3 will not turn on.

So, since last night I have had this problem where my beats won’t turn on. So last night I was using my beats, and it was at 1% so I charged it, and automatically went to fully charged, so I tried to connect and won’t turn on. I plugged it in and it turned into a red light. I reset by pressing the power button and volume down button, but no success. Again I’ve tried turning them on but it goes from fully charged to red light in a couple of seconds, and today it just won’t turn off. I’m not sure if this is a battery issue, but still, I’m not sure what to do.

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And even when I charge it, it just dosent work. If anyone can please give me tips, it would be greatly appreciated:)

But is it really charging the battery? You need to check the battery voltage after recharging with a voltmeter (multimeter) to make sure it is fully charged. Take the voltage measurement with the charger unplugged and before you try turning the unit on again, You should also check what kind of voltage is coming out of your charger. After taking the initial voltage measurements, check them again after you have reset the headphones and tried turning them on again. If the battery is measuring a low voltage again after turning the unit back on again, it probably indicates there is a malfunction with the internal circuitry. Do a visual inspection and look for any obvious damaged components, cold solder joints, disconnected wires etc.

Alright prop man, I’ll try it, thank you

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