Is there any updates about your battery issue?

How are you there?

I’ve experieced battery status problem similiar to yours.

it seems to me that old battery status remains unchaged after battery replacement, Even if I’ve updated my iPhone 6S to iOS 13 newest beta release.

So, Is there any updates about your battery issue?

Thank you.

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@redistuo Care to add some info about the issues you're experiencing ?

It's a symptom that my iPhone 6S showed that battery status 'service' at setting page after I replaced the old battery to new one.

@redistuo It might be a battery iOs is unable to read data from, there are several aftermarket batteries that are not supported by the Os. Although we have info Apple is deliberately supplying newer batteries with a chip that can be paired to the system only by Apple service, that should be in place only with iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr for the time being.

Okay, Thank you very much. Mine is a aftermarket battery(by Nohon) exactly.

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