Beats Solo 3 only works when battery is low

My Beats Solo 3 suddenly stopped working a few months ago. It doesn’t connect wirelessly unless the battery is low (2%-5 maybe). It works fine with the audio cable. Then it doesn’t turn off. I left it alone overnight sometimes because it wouldn’t turn off and they would turn off automatically after a while.

Then it doesn’t turn on until at least a few weeks later. I tried charging them and they wouldn’t connect after reaching 100%. When the battery is just 2-5%, the lights blink as if I’m resetting them. They have the latest update. I tried many different variations of resetting them. 10 sec, 1.5 min, 2 min, 4 min etc. None of them work.

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Hi Nimisha !

Has a battery replacement been done?

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I haven't taken it to Apple because it's out of warranty

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Hi @nimisha.m1999 !

All right, I understand.

Replacement batteries are available on iFixit: Beats Solo 2/3 Replacement Battery

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial at the moment.

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