Black screen and high pitch noise on ipad air

So my ipad air which I bought from ebay just 2 days ago was working fine with no issues but the screen was slightly cracked, I bought a new digitizer then I installed it my self when I was done I tried powering on my ipad nothing happened it had no signal and I couldn’t feel a vibration when holding the power button, I removed the lcd again to make sure all the cables were connected and they were also I noticed there is buzzing noise when i connect my charger coming from the logic board or the battery connector and it gets louder when I use a faster plug/ usb port (it is very quiet when i plug my ipad to a usb 2 port on my pc but it is loud when i plug my ipad to a usb 3 port) I’m really upset that I broke the ipad because i only just got it and I saved up for a long time to get it any help would be greatly appreciated.

(also the ipad does’t show up on itunes and windows does not recognise it)

If you have a solution PLEASE tell me, thank you for reading

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