Amazon Fire TV reset - WITH wrong version of remote

Was watching Amazon Fire TV with fireTV stick perfectly fine until it shut off and reset out of nowhere. Fine, whatever -paired it up with my fire stick, did the reset process, logged in, set up wifi again, etc. Then it got to this screen:

Block Image

It plays music asks to toggle the sound with the Fire Remote. This is where it gets tricky, because the remote I have isn’t the one that comes on screen. My remote doesn’t have volume control buttons.

Block Image

Advanced setup just asks what IR setup for my TV I have. Once I answer that, it immediately goes back to this screen. If I try to go back, it takes me back to my login screen. I can’t progress until I toggle the sound with my remote, which I can’t.

This remote has been working perfectly with the TV ever since it was first set up last year and was working fine as well prior to Amazon Fire just randomly resetting. The remote worked (and still does) perfectly with the entire set up process before this mark. I can’t go back, I can’t skip it, the home button won’t work.

Scoured online for this problem and haven’t seen anyone else with this issue. Amazon Fire keeps trying to factory reset for some reason as well. I have no idea how to make it past this and would be baffled if I needed to buy a different remote entirely out of the blue for no reason like this.

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