fuzzy sound all of a sudden

hi! my jbl speaker was working fine i have never taken it out of my room and all of a sudden i am getting a fuzzy sound when playing music to a point that its a bit annoying! i hardly ever turn my speaker volume way up! is this fixable?

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There are some suggestions concerning noise and your unit on this site at:


If no fix forthcoming via that, then it may be an idea to post a video/audio clip (Imgur maybe?) so that participants here can get a better idea of the sound that is causing the problem.

Taking the unit apart and doing a visual inspection for malfunctioning components, loose wires etc would also be an option. Some information on this procedure can be found on this site at:

JBL Charge 3

Also might want to Google your unit model and the search term "teardown" for additonal information on this process.

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