SIM card not read consistently...

I have an iPhone 8 Plus which I replaced almost everything on (housing, screen, battery, camera, etc.).

The phone now works flawlessly except for it’s very inconsistent on when/how long it will read a SIM card. Same issue with 2 different AT&T SIM cards so it’s not a SIM card issue.

The IMEI of the phone is clean/not blacklisted. However, when attempting to unlock it through AT&T yesterday, I learned that the original owner has not yet paid off the phone. I don’t think this would be the issue but thought I’d mention it anyway.

I recently updated the phone to iOS 13, but don’t remember whether or not this issue existed when running iOS 12.

Is this perhaps a known bug with iOS 13? Or is it more likely that I did all this work on a phone with a faulty SIM reader? :-|

I’ve tried resetting network settings but no luck.

Any input?

Thank you.

EDIT: I’m am starting to wonder if AT&T could be blocking this from working. Like I said I have two different SIM cards. First one worked for a while then suddenly wouldn’t work at all anymore. Inserted the second SIM card and it worked just fine, but eventually stopped working as well. Not I can’t get either SIM card to even be recognized at all…

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I'm not too sure, but iOS 13 had some major cellular issues for lots of people. Make sure you update, 13.1 Developer Beta was released yesterday, and seems to have resolved issues for many people.

Awesome, thanks for the tip! I will update now and cross my fingers...

Can you give us some more info?

• Why was the logic board put into a new housing?

• Has it suffered water damage?

• Is it displaying searching no service?

• Is it displaying no sim?

I wouldn’t spend too much money or time on this phone if it owes money. Sooner or later it will end up with a bad IMEI


- Because the old housing/screen was completely destroyed. It was a fun project for me.

- All water damage indicators were activated, but I question if it suffered legitimate water damage as there was zero corrosion or liquid anywhere inside the phone. It was acquired on the hottest day of the summer (95+ degrees, 100% humidity) with all internal components exposed. The phone currently works flawlessly aside from the SIM reader.

- It's displaying "No SIM". Like I said, it was reading each SIM card fine for a while, but eventually they'd stop working. Now I can't get either of my SIM cards to read at all.

The money has already been spent, so it is what it is at this point. IMEI is still clean as of yesterday (purchased the phone about 6 weeks ago now). Honestly I just want to use this myself if I can get it working. Next stop will likely be the Apple Store for an official diagnosis...

These symptoms are that of a water damaged phone that’s why repair shops will usually only do data recovery on them. Apple will tell you the logic board is damaged. You would really need to remove all the shields and find out where the water went. If you haven’t got the necessary equipment it will be a very hard task. Good luck.

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