replaced battery and now will not turn off

I replaced the battery and after about 2 weeks it turned on and will not turn off.

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FWIW, the following link provides the following information:

"We don’t stop caring about our machines once they’re yours. Activating your parts and labor warranty allows us to give you a tailored, complementary, direct service for your machine. Even after your warranty has ended, we’ll still be on hand to help."

Whether or not that blurb extends past "Buy a new vacuum from us" I do not know, but if they do have good support they may be able to point you in the right direction in order to solve your problem.

One thing you might try though, is unhooking the battery for a while and then reconnecting it so see if the unit gets reset. Besides that, I guess the only other options is to start disassembling the unit to check for proper operation of the switch(es) and checking connections, visual inspection of any circuit boards/components etc.

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