Is this gradient issue bad? *Video and photos*

I don’t know if this photo and video set will do the issue justice, but I have posted it here hoping it shows.


Block Image

This appears to be a recent issue and it has not had a severe impact on the notebook other then having poor gradient handling, so I am wondering if this is normal or a early warning about a failing LVDS cable that will need to be attended to (providing Metal 1 support is still in a good position to do it). The best way to describe it is to look at the Dell Ultrasharp 2007fpb gradient issue. Those more or less had the same issue, but it was known to not impact the lifespan of the monitors. I’m not so sure about that on these MBPs.

*Due to the LCD messing with the camera, click on the images and zoom in if needed*

Block Image

Block Image

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Looks like backlight LED's turning colors and fading on you.

@oldturkey03 That's because of the LCD layers not playing nice with my camera if you're talking about the distortion.

Or are you talking about something else visible?

The difference in brightness. Could be your camera but the image appears slightly yellow toward the top of the screen.

@oldturkey03 I'll try with another camera later and see. Really hoping it isn't a backlight fault.

I'm thinking it is my camera since I have a budget phone.

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