Hp Pavilion dv6000 all lights briefly turn on but not turning on

hello all i am having a big problem i have this Hp Pavilion dv6000 that i had for a long time primarily as backup laptop recently it has been sitting in the closet unused for 2 mounths it worked fine then. today i wanted to use it agian and when pressing the power button all lights on the laptop briefly go on for 2 seconds but other then that the laptop makes no noise or shows anything on the screen i already tried removing the battery and holding the power button or trying to turn it on without battery no success i also tried removing the ram and also not working.

i am aware of the Well known videocard problem on this series of laptops however this issue has nothing to do with that

is this a problem related to the motherboard or can it possibly be a bad Charging port?

answers are always welcome!

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