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Apple의 현재 소비자용 랩톱 MacBook Air 수리 안내서.

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Extending a APFS partition

i have just removed boot camp from a customers macbook air.

when using the boot camp assistant, i was under the impression it would restore the mac partition back to using the full drive upon removing the windows side.

but it hasnt and i cant see any obvious way in disk util of extending the APFS partion to make use of the new unused space.

just read a guide that said this terminal command would do the task i require, is this correct?

diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 0

Answer this question I have this problem too

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i tried the command and got error 69519 from the terminal.

i am also starting to read that its not possible to extend the partition.

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I think you’ve got a bit of confusion in what needs alteration.

Apple doesn’t offer much clarity here on what the structures are. Both HFS+ and APFS files systems use GUID which is the partition type.

The Windows partition is an independent partition so you would first need to wipe the partition out from within Disk Utility so the space is empty and then extend the macOS partition to include it. Now the fun part! APFS is not complete! Apple has not finished developing it or offering the needed tools to work with it !!

Apple figures your task is rare as such has not offered any way to do it yet. They figure you’ll just do a TimeMachine backup, reformat the drive and then restore.

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thanks for the info Dan, i ended up doing exactly that.

i managed to find a couple of posts explaining what you have mentioned so its good to have it confirmed.

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