Pioneer radio turns off after loading

I was installing a front cam to my AVH-Z9200DAB unit. It was successfully installed but during final connections it was connected to the rear video output instead of video input by mistake. After that the unit started turning off immediately after boot up, it shows the Pioneer loading… screen then turns off.

So far I tried to disconnect all cables leaving only the power cable and I tried the reset button but it didn’t work. I also tried a different radio on my car and it worked. So the issue appears to be from the unit itself. Any suggestions on what the issue might be?

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Please let me know what you figure out. I have the exact problem.

@Nathan Pring Which model do you have? And where you trying to install anything at the time?

I bought it on ebay. So I do not know what the issues were. Splash screen comes up then pioneer loading... then blackscreen. I've tried resetting. Im going to hook up a camera to see if it is going to that, but I doubt it. I'm also going to remove the internal sd card. If it goes does th same boot I will chalk it up to the card. I will let you know what happens. Testing in an hour.

No luck, camera did nothing. Pulled the sd card and received the error screen for a second then black.

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