What is this component?

Replaced the screen on this iPad mini 4 some time back and the iPad never worked again.

It doesn’t power on, no back light or sound and doesn’t cause Windows to detect a device on USB. Hooked into a USB ammeter and it shows 2.15A at 5.03V. Battery disconnected it’s at .08-.15A.

Threw it under the microscope and removed the protective cover around the display connectors and noticed something that looks like it might be damaged. I don’t have any schematics for the Mini 4 and don’t normally do phone / iPad board repair and don’t have ZXW, so I’m looking for a little help on this one,.

Image is from iPhone and microscope, don’t have my camera hooked up to a PC yet :(

Component is just to the left of the larger display connector when the lightning port is up.

I will try and get a better picture soon.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here’s a better area shot.

Block Image

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