How do I reconnect the microphone?

Recently my cat chewed through the bottom of my headset’s cable and hid the jack somewhere, I’ve been trying to replace it with another jack and have been able to get the audio working but not the microphone, looking through the other answers here I got so far as to get the speakers working but I guess due to the make of my headset, the cable colours do not match up with the other answers.

I have a blue wire(left), green wire(right), copper wire(ground), a white wire that the copper wire was wrapped around(mic ground?) and a red/copper wire that I assume to be the microphone, once stripped the white wire also has a copper wire inside it.

I soldered the blue wire to the tip, green wire to the first collar, ground to the second collar and red/copper to the fourth collar but no matter what can not get the microphone to work. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Edit: After looking at the internals now I’m just confused, the speakers seem to be working without grounding at all so now I have no idea which wire is the ground wire. I think the ground is red/copper, microphone ground is copper and microphone signal is white. I’ll update again if I find something else out.

Edit 2: Turns out I was accidentally shorting the left speaker and ground, oops. However, it seems like I was correct about the red/copper wire being the ground for the speakers. I think the white wire is the mic’s signal and copper is the ground but I still can’t get the speaker working even when switching the wires around so I’m essentially back where I started.

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