Battery + Fans Issue?

I am having the usual “fans run at high speed always” issue, but this one seems odd..

I got my hands on a late 2011 15 MBP, sold “as is” (for parts) and i am trying to give new life to it. Came with no battery.

I tried to turn it on (with no battery, just plugged to the charger) but it didnt work. I read across several articles for a way to use it with no battery and came across a way, i dont remember exactly what i had to do but it was related to holding power button for 10 seconds and then connect the charger, (dont remember exacly) BUT was warned that after doing so, MBP was going to downclock itself and fans were going to operate at full blast, and yes. That was what happened, and that the only way to fix it was to install a new battery.

Well, i ordered a new battery (generic one) and it works, but i cant seem to fix the high fans issue. They go full blast just after turning it on

I have already reset the SMC, PRAM, change HDD for SDD. Torn aparte the logic board and clean it with alcohol, no liquid damage visible, everything seems fine! Thermal sensors in the board are working and when i use software like Mac Fans Pro ot TG Pro, the temperature readings all seem normal.

What else is to do?

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