Why is my amp not putting enough power out to my subs

I have two 10 inch kicker comp C subs with a kicker dx 300.4 they've been installed for over a year and worked perfectly fine. My car sat for6 months but nothing was touched as far as the amp, subs, and wiring. I have a stock head unit so they were connected through the rear door speaker with an input/output adapter. I have replaced the adapter and the fuse, checked all the wiring and ground to make sure it was grounded properly. The amp turns on and protect mode is not on. The subs are getting some output but you can barely hear it and same goes for the rear speaker that the adapter is hooked up. The weird thing is, when I unhooked the ground wire from the body of the car the subs hit once and they hit as loud as they normally should. I am racking my brain with this and it is very frustrating. I've tested the power and ground with a multimeter and I get 12.6 volts. What else needs to be tested with the multimeter and how do I do it? Why are the subs getting a tiny bit of power but not as much as they used to and Why do the subs hit one time as soon as I unground it from the body? There are no fuses on the outside of the amp either.

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What is “input/output adapter “? Can you connect some signal source (player) directly to amp’s input line?

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