Guide on How to remove the volume or power buttons on HuaweMate 20 pro

On My Mate 20 Pro the volume rocker has stop functioning. At first I thought it might be the volume/power ribbon, however when you remove the ribbon from the slot it still functions. (I even changed the ribbon to a new one to check)

The problem seems to be the volume rocker is not making contact with the ribbon switch. From what I can make out there is the rocker and below that there must be some sort of pin that interfaces with the switch on the ribbon.

Basically how do you remove the volume rocker without replacing the midframe? (it would seem replacement mid frames come with the volume/power switches installed )

Update (01/04/2020)

Yes you can remove the buttons as I have just completed this!

To remove the buttons, remove the back glass. Once inside look close and on one side of the button /rocker you can see a tiny retaining plug, with sharp tweezers you can pry it out (there is one for volume and one for power) once removed the button is free. Replace the volume / power switch and while depressing the button insert the retaining plug.

Block Image

Block Image

In my case the volume rocker had broken lumps that make contact with the pins which in turn press the ribbon switch.

Block Image

I must now be in a minority of chrome mate 20 pro's with a purple volume rocker (I bought a 2nd hand midframe in order to find the solution )

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