My JBL flip 5 is not doing anything

All my JBL flip 5 lights are on but the rectangular light where it lets you know how much charge it has there's one red light on it I thought I might have accidentally locked it but I looked up how to lock and unlock it and it's still not doing anything the lights are still on but not doing anything but when it first happened it powered off by making the start up sound and right after the lights cut on just like I said before there's one red light on the charge percentage light….. can anyone tell me what I did wrong please it can't be nothing serious it's brand new if only I was able to take a picture of it explaining would be alot easier

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Try a reset with a small pin. google for jbl flip 5 reset. Otherwise -> look for youtube videos for openning the speaker and reconnecting everything inside. Or even change battery!

Thanks I got it working it an hour after I posted this

I'm facing exactly the same problem. Please help.

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