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Water damage, no backlight, replaced LCD but still doesn't work?

Hi there,

My iphone had water damage (you could see it in the camera and in the LCD). Everything was fine except there was no backlight. So I opened it up and the indicators on the logic board were still white.

So I ordered a new LCD on ebay and replaced that, and after replacing it, the backlight still isn't working. There doesn't appear to be any corrosion or anything on the logic board or other connections, and the indicators are still white. Should I give up or are there more steps I can take to get this phone working?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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if this is the case then it may be the 6r8 coil or part of that pathway. take it to a phone shop and see whether they do that repair.. or buy the part from ebay for $5 solder it yourself or if the path is damaged you'll need to to solder a wire between the coil and the lcd pin (1 or 2 ) i forget now..but google backlight iphone 3gs and there are millions of how to guides on youtube that should help.

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You also might want to look at this guide Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage and clean your logic board and connectors of the corrosion that you noticed. The guide is for the 3G but essentially shows you what you need to do. Follow these guides to get to your logic board....

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Once water damaged, there is lots of things which can go wrong on this phone.

First of all, check the LCD connector (on the iphone logic board of course). Ensure the pins are all clean and not shorted. If a doubt, use a thin needle to clean between the pins.

Then, check if all these pins are well soldered to the board. With the needle try to move (gently) each pin to see it they are correctly attached. If one is moving then you will need to use an iron with a very thin tip to solder it back the pad. Due to the corrosion you will probably have a hard time to solder the pin.

Of course a good magnifier is needed to do a good job.

If the LCD connector is alright then you will need to remove the upper can of the logic board and check for shorted pins.

Good luck!!


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