Analog wrong voltage values

Hello, I’m having a problem with one axe of my joystick, it always points down, so after troubleshooting with my oscilloscope I found a strange thing, in a normal case when the analog stick is in the center, the “potentiometer” should output around 1.5V because it’s powered by 3V but in the broken axe I’m reading 4V, how is that possible!?

I’m pretty sure something is shorted with that pin, but I don’t know where exactly, also I found that the joystick button is using 4V too but I cannot see anything between them, I tried to clean up the PCB with a special product, a toothbrush and a 101.526PSI (7Bar) compressor with no luck.

My controller model is BB70 wired, I didn’t found it on ifixit list.

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