Removing the Hot Lens

I’m developing my DIY cost effective spectrum analysis gear to be able to detect from basically DC to the Gamma frequency range.

A few days ago I decided to move forward with the webcam spectrometer build and I want to be able to expand into the IR range with a 4K camara as my latest thought.

Looks like there are a few videos of people modifying their Hero4 Silver’s to expand into the IR range so the full sensor spectral range can be used… though the prices are beyond my investment plans, where that price point is reserved for old lab electronics/RF test equipment.

Anyone aware of a detailed resource for removing the hot lens from the stock GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black or maybe even Session?

Also, if the hot lens isn’t able to be removed, is anyone aware of a cost effective glass lens replacement where the hot lens is removable?

I see some CCTV 1/3 or 1/4” lenses for under $20 that aren’t the 1/2.3” sensor size.

Figured I’d ask to see if anyone is aware in detail.

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