MacBook Pro 2015 (A1502) will not start

Hey everyone,

I’m having an issue with my MacBook; it will not start. When I hit the power button the screen stays black, there is no chime, and the fan does not start spinning.

However, the trackpad is then able to “click”, and if I don’t press the power button again (to “turn it off”) I can keep “clicking” the trackpad and the bottom of the MacBook becomes warm. So, I know something is happening.

I have searched google for days and tried everything recommended: SMC reset, battery pull/jump start, palm rub on the keyboard, etc.

The logic board does not have any corrosion on it, from what I could see. I did not peel the sticker off in-between the keyboard and logic board though. The batteries are swollen, but I don’t think that would cause it not to turn on. (It doesn’t start when I disconnect the battery and plug the magsafe connector in either)

I recently replaced the track pad connector (I had the issue where the track pad/keyboard would stop working, common with this model), replaced the thermal paste while I was at it, and everything was working great for a few days, I used the MacBook as normal. Then suddenly it shut off, the battery was over 60%. And it will not turn back on.

These are the parts I used:

Any ideas on what to do/try? Could it be the fan not working?

The one thing I did note is that the ribbon was a bit too long and created a bump in close to where the cable connects to the logic board, when I unscrewed the protector shield covering the track pad connector on the logic board, it was slightly adjarred and not fully connected. Clearly the bump in the ribbon was pressed down from the bottom case at some point and it caused the connector to come off slightly. Could this have caused a short?

Thank you everyone so much! Hopefully we can figure this out.

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