Power button solution (DIY desktop)

I am converting my Acer E5 473 into a DIY desktop so I will do not need the integrated keyboard as I can switch it on by connecting last 2 pin (27-28 of keyboard connector) and I am trying to to solder this 2 pin with a push button so whenever I push the button it'll be switched on now my question is there any problem doing so like this? do I need to add any resistor with push button? or I can just go like this?

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Hi CalendarMan

Use the multimeter to measure the two keyboard connector.

what values do you get?

Normally it would be just fine as I know Apple also have this kind of power switch device on the switch keyboard.

Hold on and hopefully get some confirmation from the folks here.

@salmonjapan Thanks Augutine for your answer. Currently I do not have multimeter and my question was do I need to add any resistor with that push button?

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