Play store installed an app by itself

I was on my phone about a month ago when a notification from the google play store popped up saying ‘[app name] successfully installed’ (I can't remember the actual name of the app, but I believe it was related to my samsung web browser). I pressed this notification as I didn't install the app myself, and thought that it was possibly an update notification. However, when I pressed the notification and it took me to the google play store, I was met with a page saying that the app didn't exist, or that it was deleted from the play store. I have no way of knowing what this app was, so I'm stuck with the possibility of this app still being on my phone without a way to delete it. Is there any options to find this app and remove it from my phone? Or will it have automatically been removed after it was deleted from the play store? It just seems strange to me that directly after I received the notification, the app ceased to exist. I'm almost certain I didn't have it previously installed.

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