No signal, no WiFi, no Bluetooth in my iPhone 8+

Hello everyone. I’ll be so thankful if anyone could help to fix this issue that is driving me out. My iPhone is not working, it is not receiving any signal from any carrier, then my Bluetooth and my WiFi are not working, the WiFi in the control center is grayed and the Bluetooth simply doesn’t work, I try to turn it on but it’s impossible. I proceeded to remove the whole motherboard and I installed again after a physical inspection (everything seems good), and what a surprise I got, after the reinstallation of the motherboard everything worked fine again until I put my iPhone into sleeping mode, after some minutes I tried to unlock it and the carrier signal has just gone, the WiFi is not working again and the same sad story with the Bluetooth. This time I just decided to unplug every single connector from the motherboard, then I replugged again and turned on the phone and surprisingly everything seems to be normal again until I lock my phone and it gets into sleeping mode for a while and nothing works again. This is so stressful, is there anybody with any similar case that could tell me what I need to do from their experience? I hope that someone can answer my question. Thank you in advance for your support guys.

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