Keyboard base - water damage

Hey guys,

i got a Surface Book 1704 with “water damage”. For some reason i´ll never understand, my buddy left it at a window… in winter. He then left for work and when he came home, there were a few centimeters snow on the keyboard part.

Since then, the keyboard won´t work. Im not tooo tech savvy but i can do minor stuff. Display changes etc. were no problem in the past.

So my plan now was, to open the keyboard (allready done, holy sh*t, that was glued in like !&&*) and look if i´ll see something suspicous on some contacts.

Symptoms are:

- when i put the charger to the base with no screen on it, the LED on the display button blinks one, no matter if battery is in or out.

- when the tablet is on the keyboard base, it does not do anything. Keyboard / trackpad won´t work and display button is glowing red all the time, no matter the battery percentage of the tablet.

Can anybody make something out of these symptoms and / or guide me to a specific part where i should look for corrosion?

Gotta wait for my torx t3 now anyways, since my old set from displaychanges did not have one.

Thanks in advance, Schnoinsch

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