The mac starts with sound, you get to login but black screen

hi everyone,

I ask for advice on a MacBook Pro 15 A1268, always kept with care that presents the Black Screen problem.

I know it is a topic covered thousands of times and I have read the discussions but I would like to understand how to solve the problem.  the GPU doesn't seem to be the problem, I read that even a user solved it by replacing the trackpad.

I think it's a sensor problem, which doesn't trigger the screen.  I tried to disconnect the sensor that indicates the battery level but the result does not change, I tried everything but nothing to do.

I have a mini-display port adapter because I wanted to test if the video output worked but I don't think it's compatible since the port is thunderbolt.

does anyone have any idea how to understand if it is a sensor and try to get it back to life?  I also cleaned the thermal paste, everything..

I hope for your help, thank you

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