Screen completely blacks out after ive tried everything, NOTHING WORKS

So I’ve got a problem, thing is, I locked my computer for 3 days and right before the 3 days was up,

I went to the store for 20 minutes before I left everything was fine, it all worked perfectly but when I came back, moved and clicked my mouse to turn on the screen, all the RGB lights went on, but the screen was black. I restarted my Mac about 25 times and nothing,

I reset the SMC NVRAM and PRAM all atleast 3 times and nothing worked, the model is a 2007 iMac High Sierra. please help i need it I’ve tried EVERYTHING

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I altered your system info to a 2007 system is that what you have? There is no 27" system in 2007.

To make sure we've got the correct system selected look at the bottom of the stand foot for the S/N label, plug in the number here EveryMac - Lookup let us know what you discover.

If you can, plug in an external monitor to see if your internal display has failed, if you can't do that take a flashlight and place it on the display glass at a sharp angle do you see the faint image of your desktop and its icons?

ok i cant check the date becuase the screen is off but it might be a 2009 mac im not sure and i cant check the serial number and im pretty sure its 24 inch il try your methods thanks

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