How to connect the two mic wires inside the ear to a new cable

Having purchased a new cable (4 pole 3.5mm Jack) with pre-tinned wires on the free end, I am wondering how to connect the new wires to the microphone box within the earcup. The problem arises due to the Hyperx cloud 2s having two wires going to the microphone box, a red wire for the mic signal, alongside an additional ground. Whereas my new cable only has 4 wires, using a single wire for the microphone connector. Hopefully someone can help with this, and let me know how to solder the sole wire of the new cable to the mic box, where there are two wires currently.



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Thanks for your comment, i have seen that diagram and understand how the wiring corresponds to the Jack, it follows the CTIA standard. However, I have yet to see a guide or someone specifying how to replace those two wires with the sole wire used for the microphone that is usually found on standard 4 pole jack cables.

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