Is it possible to install the dual input keyboard as-is?

I have an E6440 i5-4300M/Intel HD 4600 IGP that needed a new screen* and an SSD. When I got the laptop, it shipped with the single input and I did see it on the service tag so it is factory installed. At least from what I can tell the keyboard was borrowed from the E5 line as a base option. I added the screw so it was provisioned for when I did the dual input upgrade - did not come with it.

Block Image

Block Image

*I just needed a screen but I got the whole assembly for $4 more with the HD+ screen and cable.

It works fine but I much prefer the backlit keyboard, especially in low light settings. I did check and Dell never offered a single input backlit, but they did offer a non-backlit dual input option. Since I cannot find a single input backlit keyboard, it looks like I need to purchase the dual input keyboard as an upgrade. I am aware that if I want to use both I need to install the secondary input buttons - I have some from a bad 6540 palmrest I borrowed parts from.

If I opted to install the keyboard without the buttons I know I can't take advantage of the secondary input without the additional modification, but would it be possible to JUST install the keyboard and accept it will always look a little silly - and be able to use it?

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