Why is my logic board so hot?

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i’ve had a few problems with my Macbook with battery and charging. However, once i replaced the battery from this site and bought a new charger everything has worked fine. From opening up the laptop to replace the battery, i now know that it’s the logic board that been getting hot. This usually happens when i’m using the laptop and not necessarily when its charging. what is the cause of this?

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How hot is hot?

Without a true measure your hot maybe just warm to me ;-}

Time to install this app! TG Pro. Install the full version as you want the logging to map out the systems temp over time. Post a snapshot of the apps main window and after a few days the log file as well here so we can see Adding images to an existing question

hi! sorry for the late reply. i purchased the software and it seems that the temperature for each component is staying in the green e.g. cpu at 65C. its just that i can feel its heat significantly when charging and i always put this down to the battery except now i have a new one. i'l add pictures soon.

Look at the crimped ends of the heat sink and see if there is a corresponding oily looking stain on the logic board.

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