Is this worth trying to repair anymore? Multiple issues.

I have a Latitude E6440 I’ve had for ~6 months and it’s always been running fine - except I also never noticed the fact that it has issues with high memory demand applications like games and I have seen this happen on multiple games:

  • Sims 2 (SecuROM/No NoCD patch at test time)
  • Sims 3 (SecuROM/NoCD patched)
  • Saints Row 2

I recognize my HD 4600 configuration isn’t a “gaming computer” (and neither is the 8690M) but I know the onboard GPU can handle lighter games no issues at all so it’s just a matter of making the settings on games like The Sims match the reality of the situation. This is not the same game I just tried but it’s a similar problem:

Recently the chassis took a hit next to the VGA port and cracked, so I’m deciding on if I give up on this and just migrate the SSD to an 8690M one I was forced to downgrade to 768p on for now due to parts availability issues originally 1080p), or if it’s worth replacing the bottom of the laptop. In the case of swapping bottoms, the one I bought for the FHD LCD assembly is an Intel iDP version, so it’s an exact match with no CPU, heatsink, RAM, hard drive and a disconnected CMOS battery (bad board flag).

Block Image

I already did a memory test with Windows Memory Diagnostic and it came back fine. The RAM came from my E6540 (bad GPU due to blown heatpipe ruining it), so I know it’s good last I used it. I also tried another set of RAM I had on hand and it happened with a 2nd used set of RAM, and has passed the extended ePSA memory test multiple times. I don’t have any more DDR3L to hand, so I had to work with what’s available.


I noticed it happens after the machine is on and the RAM has warmed up, so I ended up putting an offer in for a used matched pair of 8GB of DDR3L. Although it happened with two pairs, I do not know the history of the modules as much as I’d like to completely assume the board is bad.

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