Smoke and Burning smell when plugged in

I recently inherited a unibody 13 inch MacBook Pro from a family member who no longer used it. When I powered on the computer when I first got it the hard drive and fan spun but there was no display and no chime. I did a lot of research and testing and concluded that the logic board was indeed bad. I was just going to throw the computer away or sell it for parts but I went online and found that a used board was only like $50-$60 so I thought I might as well try and revive it. I just got the new board installed as well as a fresh ssd. I powered the device up for the first time and got a chime as well as a white screen as the hard drive was still blank. I thought I had succeeded. I powered the device off to begin the internet recovery process and as it shut off I noticed a popping noise. I then tried to turn the device back on with no success. The battery previously showed full leds now showed nothing. I went and grabbed the charger and plugged it in and heard more pops and smelled burning. I immediately unplugged the charger. I then unplugged the battery to see if that was the cause and plugged the charger back in briefly with the same result plus a bit of smoke this time. I quickly unplugged the cord and removed the board. It was smoking from one tiny little chip on the bottom of the board near the ram slots and when I inspected it there was visible damage where it looks melted. I have communicated this with the ebay seller and will be returning it but before I order another board I wanted to know what the cause of this could be. Faulty battery? It is aftermarket and hey maybe it killed the last board. Or just a bad logic board that I got unlucky with. I’d hate to go to the trouble of buying and installing another board if something else on the machine caused it to fail. Any ideas or help are much appreciated.

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