Laptop turns on but screen is black

I turned on my laptop and the keyboard lights up but the screen is black, I tried connecting it to an external monitor via hdmi with no success, I also attempted to take battery out to possibly reset it and no luck. Lastly I pressed the reset button at the bottom and no luck either. Can someone possibly guide me on how I may be able to fix this? Plz and thank you


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Hi Chris,

Have you taken out the battery AND the CMOS coin battery and discharged power?

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Thanks for replying! Yes I had done those things actually a few times and with no success BUT lastnight i disassembled the laptop to I could salvage from it if I had to toss it and I removed both 8gb ram from the slots then re installed them, then just so happened to try and startup the laptop and it booted up! So possibly the ram was jostled in some way. Not sure if that can have the effect it did with me? But it worked so I'm happy. Thank you for help


Hi Chris,

Yes RAM can often cause these problems.

I guess I had just assumed you had already reseated the RAM

The big, deep secret of successful troubleshooting - the solution is often very simple!

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