Keyboard section is not charging

I have a Microsoft Surface Book I (1703). The main battery in the keyboard section (1704) is not charging. Both batteries won’t charge if the two sections are together. Display section will charge on its own. Keyboard section will not charge on its own. Keyboard and trackpad work fine. Charging connector light will not come on when plugged into the keyboard section. No pins are bent/broken on charging port. Tried cleaning pins. Took off the bottom cover and reseated cables. Found that when main battery is disconnected (internally in keyboard section), the power adapter light will flash, when connected. Does this mean main battery is at fault? Not sure if video board in keyboard section has some smarts or just provides pass-thru for power, keyboard and trackpad. Any resets I could try?

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I bought a battery and replaced it, but the same problem persists. We have another one of those Surface Books at work so I was able to switch assemblies between the two. The keyboard assembly is the problem. It should charge on its own, without the display assembly attached, but the light on the charging connector does not light up. I suspect it is the logic board within the keyboard assembly (1704). Good luck finding one of those. I can buy a used 1704, since I have an extra battery for it now. We’ll see..

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