Fast battery drain after water damage

I dropped my galaxy s8 in water without the sim tray inserted so the water was able to get through the sim slot I shut it off and soaked the board in isopropyl alcohol the screen stopped working so I got a parts phone from a friend with a working screen everything seemed to work fine except the battery drains pretty quickly now I found out that the NFC connector on the charging port got very hot so I replaced it with the charging board in the parts phone the new charging board dosen’t get hot and I noticed quite a bit of improvement in battery life but it still drains quicker then It used to before the water damage. I’m guessing its probably an issue with the board at this point and I should probably get a new phone but it would be nice if I could save this one.

I also tried replacing the battery from the parts phone but its still the same, I installed accubattery and it shows battery health is at 66%

Any help would be appreciated.

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The parts phone is also a different model mine is an SM-G950F and the parts phone is a SM-G950D

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