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Windows 10 is a major version of the Windows operating system. It was released in 2015.

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I spilled acetone (nail polish remover) on a laptop screen.

This was over a month ago, I wish I got help sooner but I was scared. I haven’t told anyone yet but my friends and they don’t know what to do, and I just found this site today while looking up how to fix my lg tablet. I had a bottle and I didn’t realize it was open so I pick it up and I grabbed it pretty roughly and some spilled into the laptop screen. I panicked because I was afraid I’d be found and get in a lot of trouble, so I just wiped it with paper and tried to message my friend on it and it had a yellow mark in the screen. I shut it down but when I turned it back on, the light was glowing and the screen was black but still lit up a little. It was kind of old, but I think it was a windows 10. Either way it’s been off and sitting in a shelf and I’m not good with technology repairs so I don’t know what to do. I can’t take it anywhere because I’m afraid my parent would find out about it and be upset with me. I’m still really stressed about it.

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i told her the computer wasnt working but i didnt explain what happened and she hasnt been paying attention to it, yet ive been looking for ways to fix it. i´m afraid shed seriously hurt me in some way and this is the reason i havent told her. it wasnt my computer it was another family members so i dont know if shed be as mad as if it were her own yet im still afraid to go and admit the truth

Do you have the option of connecting the pc to an external screen via hdmi? This would eliminate the doubts to know if the problem is the screen or not.

If it's the screen, the only solution is to change it.

@oscarsp Nail polish remover is brutal on plastic - it's got damaged plastics and possibly an LCD.

I am a beginner nail tech and I spilled some acetone on my computer and the black stuff off the computer came off and now there’s a big white spot on the computer i don’t know what to do. Please help so I don’t get in trouble.

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Of course, in this case, base what you do base on your age, experience, and trust in your parents. I chose to take the repairs on myself without permission since I did not trust any future responses from one specific parent after his power trip when he threw a laptop out on me as “punishment”, trying to scare me into being complicit in his problems.
I think you can guess how quickly he realized he screwed up hard when he created a permanent boundary I will not let go of, even if a therapist begs me. To this day, I infamously I keep his old laptops he throws out as "karma" 13 years later, unapologetically. His old devices being turned from scrap to fixed have a special "FU, you made this real" appeal, so much so that I secretly fixed his broken P3 XL for me.

That incident was why in most cases I was dealing with something that’s mine (in which case, I always told them to shove it) I’d repair it myself especially seeing as most of it was old OOW hardware with easily interchanged parts. I sustained it by holding onto old "BER" devices that weren't worth repairing. New/new to me devices were based on the parts bin for years. Since then, I am firmly in the “beg for forgiveness” camp (if the circumstances and skillset match). This is what I base my answers on today.
Note: I don't bother with that in purchasing anymore as an adult; if I want a 2K or 4K panel on my new laptop (and my old one is FHD) I buy it that way.

If you can handle it, we need to know what the model number of the device is to get an idea of how much the parts you really need will cost - for example if the LCD bezel is mostly intact besides a few small splashes I would probably leave it be unless it was severely damaged or hide it with something like a semi matched nail polish or other paint. If it’s severely damaged, then you may want to replace it too.

If you can’t, make sure you discuss it in an environment where everyone will be mature about it and if you have to push back due to poor parental response... do so and BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOURSELF. If it devolves there (hope it doesn’t), stand your ground if need be. DO NOT APOLOGIZE for self-defense over an honest mistake and a poor reaction. It will vindicate the bad response! Things happen, and it was an accident learned the hard way.

Consider this a lesson about things like nail polish remover being particularly bad to keep around devices (unless you do not care if it gets ruined, like a really rough device on death's door anyway). I've kept things like that around my equipment, but I never leave it near a laptop for instance without a cap on.

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First & foremost I am a father of 2.

The bad news: The acetone you spilled on the lcd likely has permanently damaged the screen. Acetone is what nail polish remover is and it’s a paint remover.

The good news: It can likely be repaired which would involve probably changing the screen entirely at this point.

The Dad response: The best course of action for you to take Is to tell your parents exactly what happened, accidents happen and while I can’t promise your parents won’t be upset. I will say that I would be a lot more bent out of shape if my son or daughter didn’t tell me about it until I found it.

Tell your parents address the situation and then you will feel better. It will be fine. What are they gonna do? Take away your birthday?

If you have some specific questions about finding a replacement screen or costs on acquiring one let comment back and I’ll locate you some part links.

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it happened to me as well. I spilled nail glue on my computer like where the keypad it and i tried to get it off with nail polish remover but it removed the plastic. pleasee help me this isn’t even my computer ITS MY SCHOOLS. ttyl<3

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OMG SAME! have you figured out how to fix it because I really need help.

@Maliha Amini, we'll need to know the make and model of your computer and exactly what's damaged in order to help you.

Since you can't post photos in the comments, I suggest you start a new question with that information and include some photos of the damage. At that point the users on here, myself included, will be able to give you some idea of how to repair it and possibly where to get any parts needed.

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I was cleaning my computer and I thought acetone would clean it but all it did was take off the gray so I add more acetone or no

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No, no, don't use acetone on the surface of a computer. It works well for cleaning circuit boards, but they're made to withstand it; the case and screen are not. Instead, use isopropyl alcohol that's 90% or higher content; don't use the 70% stuff we all have around the house.

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OMG! sameeee I NEED HELP!!!!!! any tips???

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Gelilah, we'll need a lot more information to be able to help you. Start with what you spilled and what you spilled it on. As in, what kind of computer, where on the computer and what's damaged. Is it cosmetic, or has the function of the computer been affected?

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