Printed text / image out of alignment

Printer has lost text on left side of page. When printing a table containing both text and images for test, the left column and text is missing approx 10mm off left edge of page. Image in second column shows second pass of colour is 12mm to the right of first pass (in apparently the correct position). Further down the page, vertical lines jump 1mm right, then back again a few rows later, then right again. All diagnostic suggestions published by HP have been attempted. Print head replaced and genuine HP cartridges in use. A4 white 80gsm paper only used. HP Printer Test page prints test patterns 1 and 2 perfectly aligned, but loses some of the text off to the left. Any suggestions please? I have a charity newsletter to print in 3 weeks time. An image of the printed table is attached. Please ignore the missing top of page - this has been omitted for privacy reasons. thank you.

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