Warping SP 3 turns off power

My SP 3 generally works fine, but I’ve found that if it is turned on and left charging, it will disconnect the battery charger (light goes off on cord). Also, if it is connected to the docking station (Model#1664) it will do the same thing. In the latter case, it also stops the system from “talking” to the docking station and any devices connected there even though the station’s still powered, as indicated by a CD drive connected to it still spinning. However, the SP 3 isolates from the dock and the battery light to the SP 3 on the dock goes dark. I tried both CRC Contact Cleaner and a gentle file job to clean the contacts on the cord, the dock, and the SP 3, and they seemed to work, but only for a short time.

After going crazy for a while, I noticed how warped the case was, as well as a bit warmer than typical. It was not super hot, but warmer. Playing with it a bit I found that straightening the case manually, caused the light on the cord or the dock to relight and the system functions to work fine. Alternatively, I can press the screen in just over the power cord connector area and cause the power to reconnect, as well.

The repair of this condition seems to indicate a repositioning of the power connector in the SP 3, itself, due to the extra heat warping the case further than usual. I tried filing down the power cord connector so I could reposition it a bit, but that approach did not seem to reconnect the power like straightening the case or pressing on the power connector area accomplished. Also, if I leave the unit in the dock with power connected to it, and the SP 3 off for a period, it will reconnect to the dock and the charge light will go on again. To me, it seems to point at the connection of the power connector to the board or, possibly a missing spacer piece at that junction. However, that should keep the power from connecting at all, by all accounts I’ve read.

I am loath to take another SP 3 screen off as I broke the last on after taking 2/3rds of it off with no problem. Then, I ran into similar problems another adventurer your list had in not getting the replacement screen working after removal of his. I bought a used on one that costs about the same as a new screen, and now I have a power problem to deal with. :(

Any suggestions from iFixit or other adventurous owners??


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