Power off after waking from sleep

Wondering if anyone has noticed a similar issue. After letting my 2014 MBP go to sleep overnight and then waking the morning, a few seconds after I log on my MBP will act as if the battery has no charge ( I get the low battery icon with red bar on my display ) and my display goes black. If I connect my charger, the laptop will turn on and runs normally, with the battery indicating it has plenty of charge. The last time this happened, I let it go to sleep with 85% battery showing. When I awoke it the following morning, it showed the above symptoms and once I connected my charger, the battery showed 79% charge. The only thing I had open was a Google Chrome webpage with one tab open. Here are the specs:

MBP 2014 15” with 16GB RAM, running Catalina, all current OS updates applied. Using a genuine Apple 85W charger. coconutBattery shows 90.2% capacity, and only 168 charge cycles.

I have reset the SMC controller several times, as well as performed several NVRAM resets.

I have also “calibrated” the battery by charging to 100%, allowing the MBP to fully discharge the battery until the laptop shut down, leaving it off for 5 hours, then connecting my charger and allowing the battery to charge once again to 100% before turning the MBP back on.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the System Profile window as well as a coconutBattery reading of the battery

Block Image

Block Image

I know the battery is 6 years old, but the charge capacity and the number of charge cycles do not indicate a weak battery. Am I due for a battery replacement?

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