Several isues: first only charging slowly when turned off, than..

  1. I did a screen replacement. - everything worked fine for days.

Than one day the phone couldn’t charge when turned on. It was very slowly charging only when turned off.

  1. I also noticed that sensor for light dont work when i was in a call the screen didnt turn black.
  2. Later i shut it down for charging. It never turned on again. It is stuck in reboot with apple logo. Reset dosen’t help.
  3. I have removed the screen, to check if everything is put together probably and i have found a CUT LINE which was connected to the frame. My frame is broken so it snaped the line.
  4. The question is: What is this line used for? in which assembly, could this be my problem? Is it repairable? How?

Block Image

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I think I don't know the solution, but I will try to help you as best I can.

I think your battery is the issue. Do you remember the battery health from before it stopped working? Have you used it for a long time?

Maybe you can stop the boot loop by resetting with itunes, but I think that won't fix your charging issue.

I have no idea what the cut line you're writing about does, but if your display works fine, I don't think it will be an issue.

I hope someone else will be able to help you further!

I think the battery was on 78% health it was also written it needs a service... But it lasted me for a whole day basicly,

with average usage (couple h), so i dont know if this is an issue...

It's still not bad, but it could be the issue. Have you tried restoring with itunes? Only worth it if you have a good back up, because it wil wipe your phone completely.

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