The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 is a sleek entry-level smartphone that delivers some nice design enhancements and great performance

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Phone thinks headphones are in even though they are not

So I have a blackberry curve 8520 and my phone is having a slight problem, I am pretty sure its a hardware problem and not a software problem...

Say someone rings me I will pick up and it will flicker between the headphones being in and then allowing me to use the actual phone to listen to people speak in the handset speaker nor will it allow me to turn on speakerphone

Any help?

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I have seen this issue in laptops before and it almost always ends up being a short in the headphone jack itself. I have not personally taken apart one of these so I can not say if the headphone jack is on the board or connected to it. From the teardown it looks to be on the logic board. you can also pull the battery and try to flush the jack with alcohol.

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I would agree with you. Try to insert and remove a headphone a few times in rapid succession. The contact on the inside may have gotten stuck due to debris.

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