LCD Refurbishing ends in ghost touch

Hello all,

I have been refurbishing screens from iPhone 6 to 8 Plus for almost 6 months now and I am experiencing a lot of issues with my screens. At least the half of the screens I refurbish get an issue when sitting the screen in the iPhone and close it.

Most of them get dead zones with no touch on the screen or ghost touch, this blow my mind since every time I test nothing of this show, I would like to mention that I test without sitting on the phone, but honestly I have seen no one sit the screen on the phone for testing.

What could be causing this issue? Could it be related to the installation?

Best regards,

Guillermo Maldonado

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what do you mean by you're refurbishing screens? Are you replacing just the glass and reusing the original LCD the device came with or are you replacing the whole screen assembly as one unit?

I am replacing the glass and reusing an original LCD, but honestly I just take the cracked screen from the phone and put an already refurbished screen on it, other business I sell to do the same.

I just learned of the Apple LCD manufacturers: Toshiba, LG and Sharp. It looks like I am switching these ones and having compatibility issues.

This week I was able to fix two iPhone 7 plus screens that had ghost touch, I will keep going.

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