Where does small rectangular magnet with residue go?


I recently used your guide to take out and replace the hard drive of my laptop. When re-assembling it, I came back to step 29 and got all of the screws back in, except for the lowest of the three all the way to the right, looking down. They are the 2mm phillips screws, circled in red on that step.

I unscrewed the others and popped off the plate to find a small rectangular magnet with one side having a sticky residue on it causing the block, having been wedged between the metal inner plate and the base. Now that I removed it, the screw should take, but before I screw it in, I want to know where this piece goes in the machine, as I imagine it was a part of it, and not something that randomly fell into it, as I was working.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

-Zach Woliner

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I believe the magnet you are referring to is the sleep magnet. If you remove the upper case and are looking at the underside of it, it is adhered in a little niche on the left side of the case, below the keyboard hole.

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You may apply a small drop of superglue under the magnet to be sure it will stay in the location Ben described. You don't want to take off the top case just to replace the magnet don't you ?

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I'm confused at the location you describe. When I pull up the top plastic casing, with the metal plate under it, and looking down, I see a little space to my lower right, being a rectangle, slightly larger than the magnet. That's the only spot I see that it might belong. Could either of you possibly better describe the location it belongs? Thanks!

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Yes the magnet is located at the small rectangle location but glued under the top case. Check under the top case and you'll see the small rectangle. It's the indicator where to glue the magnet.

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fyi the magnet operates a small reed switch used to enable/disable sleep mode when the iBook lid is closed/opened. this reed switch is located around the middle of the right side display bezel - that position meets with the magnet location mentioned by Ben whenever the lid is closed.

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Here's the location for the magnet.

Block Image

(I wish I could have put the pic in a comment, but alas I cannot)

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