Surface 3 Pro takes ages to boot and sometimes does not

Got a Surface 3 Pro (Core i7) Model no. A1631 which does boot but sometimes takes ages to boot and sometimes simply does not boot at all until I give it 2-3 restarts which is really annoying.

The device powers up, fans running, surface logo shows up and just stays there for minutes. Sometimes for no reason at all it will boot eventually and sometimes not. As there is no post screen I cannot tell why.

Things I have tried so far:

  • Reinstalling Windows 10 and all updates
  • Installing Ubuntu just to make sure
  • Wiping the surface by MS Surface Data Eraser (
  • Resetting UEFI settings
  • Reboots with volume up/down
  • with keyboard attached / unattached with external display and so on…
  • biting nails, raindances, voodoo, screaming…

I do not think that the BIOS or UEFI for that matters is fubar OR the SSD is dead as the system generelly does boot but takes ages to do so.

Any hints on how to make sure without disassambling it?

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