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stuck on black screen with writing.

I have an HP Pavilion dv2615nr entertainment notebook pc. At start up my computer goes to a black screen that says at the top windows resume loader and that the last attempt to resume the system from its previous location failed.attempt to resume again.It says to use the arrows to highlight my choice and the choices are..

continue with system resume.

delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu.(This one is highlighted but not cause I highlighted it.)

And at the very bottom left of the screen it says ENTER=choose.

I have no mouse and the screen is like frozen there.does anyone please know how to get out of this???Thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated.

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Your screen is not frozen You are in a Pre-Windows environment that does not have a graphical user interface (GUI) or give mouse support. Use the arrow keys to move the highlight up and down if that options are present. If you would like to "continue with system resume" move the highlight over it with the arrow keys, then hit enter. If you would like to "delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu" when it is highlighted hit enter.

I would select continue with system resume using the arrow key, then hit enter. You were trying to do a system restore for some reason and it failed to restore. If it fails to restore again you will still have the other option. Why are you trying to do a system restore?

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It wont let me use the arrows to highlight anything it goes straight to that screen as soon as I start up the computer.I wasnt trying to restore anything.I went to get on the computer and when I started it up it went to that screen and now I am stuck on it and I cant get it off of it.I have tryed to turn it off and restart and i have taken out the battery and held the on off button for 15 seconds and tryied to restart it again and it goes right back to that screen when I turn it on.I dont no why my arrow keys wont highlight it just seem like it froze to that screen.

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What is your Operating system? I've seen this problem mainly with Vista. As your system is booting keep hitting F8. This should bring up the boot menu. From the boot menu choose last known good configuration.

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summer freeman, the resume loader is what is used when your computer returns from hibernation. On boot-up your system checks checks whether your computer was hibernated or not. If it was, winresume.exe loads and attempts to mount the hiberfil.sys file

Hiberfil.sys contains the information that was stored in memory at the time the computer hibernated. So, if your hiberfil.sys is corrupted, your computer will freeze. You can try rebooting and using F8 to get to the boot mode screen and boot in safe mode first or last good known configuration and see if that makes a difference. The other thing you can try is to get into your computer BIOS at start-up and set it to the default options and see if that makes a difference. If you have no success with this, I would consider a repair of the Operating System but you will have to have the OS CD's. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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I am hitting F8 and I haven't seen any difference.. It is stuck all the time there with saying ‘the last attempt to resume the system from its previous location failed. Attempt to resume again?

(Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice.)

Continue with system resume

Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu…

How can get rid of this please tell me..

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I don't know what else to do. No matter what commands I use nothing works. It is stuck on this screen period.

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Donald Marshall, you tried all the steps above? This question is actually quite old. It might work better for you, if you ask your own question. Give us as much detail about what you tried etc.

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