Power-Current Draw leaking(Amp Leak)

Hi guys, I repair iphone boards! i have 3 years experience in this field and i have a lot of phone with this problem and i cant found any reason for that during these years i need an electronic expert .I saw a lot of iphone 6/6s/7/7 plus/6 plus and etc.. almost i saw all of apple phone with this problem so the problem is: phone drain battery so fast but work finely. i checked those board with thermal camera and i found all of them have same problem, they got heated in VCC-Main CAPs around Main PMU so the amp-meter show current fluctuation and they got heated and got cold and these cycle repeat . i take some pictures that can show you the problem and share it, can any one help with this? thank you

sorry for my bad english

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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.02A is most likely your squid leads or iPower pro and is quite common. Any more draw and it could be something else.

Hi Chris, Thank you for your fast answer, i know but the current does not stuck on 0.02, it fluctuate to 0.07 , 0.08 , 0.13 , 0.20 and etc.. and this cycle repeat...

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