Only the power button works - sometimes

I know this looks like a duplicate of another question from years ago but I promise it’s not. I have a JBL charge 2+ that took a decent fall. One of the inductor shells on the board cracked and the speaker wouldn’t even turn on. I have replaced the board and the speaker now turns on.

The speaker will only stay on for a couple of seconds unless it is plugged in. Sometimes, the power button won’t work, and I have to disconnect and reconnect the battery. The speaker plays the startup and shutdown noise, and I can play music through the aux. However, none of the other buttons or lights on the board work. The charging LED’s, the volume buttons, none of them; except the power button - and only sometimes.

I’d prefer to fix it instead of paying 150 dollars to replace the whole thing. I have checked that all the connections and ribbon cables are hooked up properly, and none of the board components are loose or damage now that the main board has been replaced. I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have a suggestion? (Or even a link to the service manual that ISNT behind a paywall)

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Service Manual: (Just Read it Online Instead of Downloading)

@andrewsawesome They blur the images and make the circuit diagram text unreadable unfortunately.

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